Decorative Garage Door Hardware

decorative door hardware on a carriage house door

Adding decorative hardware to your garage door is an easy way to improve your curb appeal. Garage door style and color are key features of any garage door and should be considered when deciding how to accessorize your door with hardware.

Garage Doors contain design and construction elements, such as arch tops, cross rails, diagonal boards, multiple panels, and more, that can be accented or minimized. Your garage door’s color can make a statement and stand out or it can minimize the door’s presence and perceived size. Maybe it’s even a two-color door. It’s up to you to choose a look you want

Why Add Decorative Hardware?

Curb appeal is a topic when selling a house, and decorative garage door hardware can be an easy way to enhance an existing door to make it feel more unique . It is all about how your house looks from the street. Decorative garage door hardware comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, colors, and components. However, your garage door shouldn’t compete or detract from your front door and windows, it should complement it.

It’s easy to add hardware to dress up a door but it is also easy to overdo it in ways that don’t add visual value. When choosing how to accessorize your garage door always consider your motivation. Curb appeal presents a neat, clean and well-maintained facade to the street while drawing attention to your front door’s approach. Decide your primary purpose in adding decorative door hardware.

  • Brick or rock walls of your Home?
  • Doors facing the street or Home entrance?
  • Magnetic may be your option to see if you like
    decorative door hardware idea?

How To Add Decorative Hardware

Most decorative hardware mimics the look of working door hardware from old style carriage doors. There are many styles and types to choose from and we’ve found that a few guidelines have served us well over time


Less decoration used appropriately often looks better and more elegant than over done. Consider how many design elements the door has – cross rails, cross bucks, the number of panels, how much hardware you are adding, and the overall amount of eye-catching features on your door. Keep it simple.

Size your strap hinges to be at least 1/4 to 1/3 the width of the door opening. This means treating double wide doors as two doors or using strap hinges that are 1/4 to 1/3 the width of the double wide opening

Place pull handles, ring pulls, and latches on the door at a minimum of 34” and go no higher than the shoulder height of the driveway. Not too high, not too low.

Typical garage hardware mistakes include:

Adding strap hinges to a door that doesn’t look like a swing door, but looks more like a traditional stile & rail overhead door.

Strap hinges that are too short, too long, or too wimpy (thin) for the door size

Strap hinges that are in locations that don’t make sense – not at the top or the bottom

Single handles installed instead of a pair

Too little hardware on double doors

Not removing old handles or locks

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