Lift Master WLED

MyQ Wifi Garage Door Opener? Why should You Buy Them!

MyQ WiFi garage door opener been around since 2015 when Lift Master upgrade Security+ 2.0 wireless transmission. Other manufacturers follow Lift Masters lead. Today more and more Home Owners Upgrade to the new WiFi System, Garage Door Team Company is Expert in this field Call Us Today to see how We can help you in Transition to the new Technology

                                   WLED                                                                                   8500W                                                                 8355W                                                                                              8164W

MyQ WiFi Garage door operator industry started adding WiFi technology in around 2015, it has almost been a decade and there are still a lot of non WiFi capable operators that are wearing out and eventually will be replaced. When your old motor fails or you choose to upgrade there are still a lot of options out there including non WiFi, The problem is that if you buy non-WiFi opener you’re buying is 10-year-old technology! that is becoming obsolete! so why should you buy WiFi garage door openers?
Lift master security + 2.0 wireless Rolling good signal is very secure chances that someone can pick up your frequency are very slim, in my 15 years I have not seen perfectly functional unit vulnerably to being hacked you have more chance of someone breaking in your car and stealing remote control to access your home then attempting to hack the myQ WiFi garage door opener.
Convenience of having myQ  WiFi garage door opener:
-Forgetting to close your garage door
-Allowing someone to access your home —-without leaving your keys
-Everyone and family can use the garage door without need to buy new remotes
-Allow access for maid service or a repair service person
-Key by Amazon in-garage delivery with optional wireless camera to see your packages been delivered
MyQ WiFi garage door openers does not have to be expensive, chain drive model LM 8164 is inexpensive yet myQ WiFi enabled unit, upgrading to WLED unit would be a wise decision, it’s packed with many features such as battery back up included, auto close, light adjustment, DC motor this is one of the quietest units by LiftMaster I own one and I love it. Lift Master 8500W is a wall mount unit is designed for specific applications most expensive option but very useful and low headroom situations or no room above garage door, high ceiling, vertical lift or clean look. No matter what kind of unit you would like to purchase Garage Door Team is ready to help Give us a Call.