Common problem with 10 year old Genie capacitor

If your Home is over 10 years old, chances are that you have one of these! genie capacitor
in a Genie garage door openers .

Genie Garage Door Opener 19988A Capacitor

Most genie openers at the time were designed as an AC motors H6000 or H4000 just to name a few, overall was well built units but they all had common flaw that came up in about eight years later.

Genie Capacitor is the component of the garage door opener,also known as starter capacitor. Common problem is overheats during summer months, your garage door opener stops in any position completely shut down the power until it cools off, within about 10 minutes it works again, another issue you will see smoke coming out of your machine that indicates the capacitor failed motor will no longer operate. Smoke in most cases is Not Fire Hazard, it’s created by capacitor components liquefy.

Genie H6000 capacitor smoke

Your genie capacitor will need to be replaced, look it up on Amazon it will cost you around $20 electrical hazard warning unit must be unplugged before the service performed.

Step one begin by unplugging your operator from the wall outlet, remove the cover from the unit with phillips screwdriver or 1/4 inch nut driver, inspect the unit to see if capacitor looks like on the picture above. Pairs of same color wires connected to two terminals on the capacitor as long as we have two identical color wires plugged in to individual terminal you can’t go wrong,

Continue by loosening flat head bolt below capacity strap, remove the capacitor from the unit insert a new one in its place, plug-in the wires in the same order, replace motor cover, plug-in the unit to the wall outlet and test the unit for proper operation hopefully this helps

I would recommend calling a professional if you’re not comfortable to work on appliance, work takes about five minutes and your garage door is back in business!
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